Back in February I mentioned starting a new project based on a group visit to Coventry Cathedral.  Here is my finished quilt which  has its  first public showing this week as part of Stitch in the Middle’s ‘Sacred Spaces’ exhibition.

Down the Ages

My design started with three images, two taken in the Old Cathedral and one in the New Cathedral:

Coventry’s ‘Old’ Cathedral

Window Voids, Old Coventry Cathedral

Detail from the Baptistry window by John Piper

Playing around with overlaying, blending and edge detection software on my iPad (I used a variety of free Adobe Apps available from the Apple App Store) I created an interesting design which, when cropped, became the basis for my quilt. The  background calico was printed using acrylic paints and a gel plate before shapes cut from florists fibre fleece, painted Lutradur and paper laminated organza were appliquéd (bonded) on top. Once sandwiched the quilt was machine quilted to emphasise the shapes of the buildings and provide additional texture. My quilt is approximately 20 x 18 inches in size.

As well as ‘Down the Ages’ my little quilt ‘Old & New’ (shown a few weeks back) and a couple of my older quilts (also based on church architecture) will be on show alongside work by other members of the group.

‘Sacred Spaces’ by ‘Stitch in the Middle’ is showing until 27th October 2019

at Weavers Gallery, Church Lane, Ledbury, HR8 1DW (10.00am – 4.00pm)

Other  venues will hopefully be announced in due course.