• Small Talk – An intimate ‘show and tell’ featuring many of my smaller quilts and the stories behind their making. (More suited to smaller groups e.g. 40 people or less)
  • Without Colour I have no Voice – An exploration of colour and the way in which I utilise it in my work.
  • Inspired By … – I am often asked ‘How do you come up with your ideas?’ I try to answer this question by looking at what inspired the making of some of my quilts and the creative journey taken to their completion.
  • Print, Paint, Stitch – Learn about some of the easy to master techniques that I use when creating my quilts.

To book a visit or for further information please contact me.


  • Talk – £125
  • Travel costs – 45p per mile


  • Talks lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour and, except for ‘Small Talk’, are PowerPoint based.
  • Each talk is accompanied by lots of quilts which attendees are free to handle after the session.
  • I do not currently offer workshops.