Pop Art Penguin

There isn’t really a lot of explanation needed for my latest Art Quilts Around The World challenge quilt! It is what it is – a Pop Art Penguin. Why a penguin? Well simply that I have a love of these characterful creatures, they always make me smile. The design for this one is based on a photograph I took whilst on a birthday trip to a local bird world last year. The design for the background flash and stripes was adapted from an image called “Pop! Goes the Mouse – Mickey Mouse” by Carlton & Reis.

My quilt is made entirely using appliqué techniques – invisible machine appliqué (for the stripes), reverse appliqué (for the flash shapes) and bonded appliqué (for the penguin). Raw edges on the flash have been stitched down using a small blanket stitch and a fine zig-zag was used on the penguin himself.